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Smithland Hydroelectric Power Plant, United States of America

Smithland Hydroelectric Power Plant - The Smithland hydroelectric power plant is equipped with 3 turbines; due to the extremely tight construction schedule, all three tubes with their constantly changing cross-sections are being realized at the same time.
Smithland Hydroelectric Power Plant - For the construction of the concrete tubes, PERI planned and assembled multi-curved formwork units. The final assembly of the formwork and shoring construction is carried out on site.
Smithland Hydroelectric Power Plant - The fully assembled units comprising of formwork units and raised formwork are lifted by crane into the concreting position.
Smithland Hydroelectric Power Plant - For constructing the power plant walls, the single-sided SCS climbing system is being used. The loads are transferred – without formwork ties – via the brackets in the climbing anchor of the previous concreting section.
Smithland Hydroelectric Power Plant - The slab above the tubes is over 4.00 m thick and is constructed using several concreting steps. The high loads call for a long formwork utilization period, customized formwork units and heavy duty shoring towers.
Smithland Hydroelectric Power Plant - The shoring inside the tubes, which later serve as turbine housing, consists of rentable system components taken from the VARIOKIT engineering construction kit. With the standardized system parts and construction compliant connecting means, supporting formwork can be cost effectively realized and easily adapted to suit the geometry of the structure.

Données des projets

Localisation: Smithland, États-Unis

  • Construction of a hydroelectric power plant with 3 horizontal bulb turbines and a total capacity of 72 MW
  • Reinforced concrete construction: 78 m long, 62 m wide, 32 m high
  • Massive component dimensions (slab thickness > 4.00 m)


  • Extremely tight construction schedule of 18 months, resulting in simultaneous realization of the three turbine tubes and other components
  • Massive components with long utilization period of formwork and scaffolding resulting in high material requirements (provision for some areas 100 %)
  • Very complex forms, in particular for the turbine tubes as well as the intake structure with varying cross-sections
  • Very strict guidelines regarding the dimensional accuracy


CJ Mahan Construction Company, Grove City, OH

Avantages pour le client

  • Saving of anchors through the use of the single-sided SCS climbing formwork
  • Optimal adjustment of the supporting structures for all areas due to the high degree of flexibility of the VARIOKIT system components - from the units to the heavy-duty shoring tower
  • Acceleration of the assembly and construction time on-site due to the pre-assembled formwork and scaffolding units
  • Highest dimensional accuracy of the concrete structure through stationary prefabrication of the 3D formwork units
  • Reduction of interfaces through the entire construction process thanks to formwork, scaffolding and engineering from one source
  • Continuous support provided for the construction management during the whole execution phase

Solution PERI

  • Development of a comprehensive concept for the formwork and scaffolding technology while taking into account all project requirements as well as budget and schedule considerations
  • 3D planning of multi-curved formwork units for the complex forming of the tubes for the turbines
  • Dimensionally accurate realization and delivery of the 3D formwork units
  • Delivery of the elements in pre-assembled units
  • Continuous coordination of all formwork and scaffolding processes through a PERI project manager on site