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Harpe Bru Bridge, Norway

Formwork solution with system components of VARIOKIT Engineering Construction Kit
Expansion of the European Route E6 in Norway
The VARIOKIT cantilevered carriage from PERI: flexible Solution with fast assembly
Civil engineering with PERI VARIOKIT components from the PERI rental park
PERI products in use at the project in Sør-Fron (Oppland), Norway: VARIOKIT Balanced Cantilever Equipment, PERI UP Access Technology, VARIO GT 24 Wall Formwork, DOMINO Panel Formwork, Services
PERI project: Harpe Bru Bridge, Sør-Fron (Oppland), Norway: a 320 m long bridge over the Gudbrandsdalen Lågen river

Info projecten

Ligging: Sør-Fron (Oppland), Noorwegen

  • Total length of extradosed bridge: 320 m
  • Largest span between the pylons: 100 m


  • Complex cross-sections with 130 cm high cross-ribs on both sides of the upper slab, at each segment
  • Pouring of each segment in two steps: first bottom slab, walls and all ribs, second upper slab
  • Suspending cables at most of the segments; collision with the carriages had to be avoided
  • Assembly had to be orgnized in a special way because of the flood forecast for the river
  • Special planking on the surface of the formwork


JV Harpe Bru ANS
Porr Infrastructure Polska; Implenia Norge AS

Voordeel klant

  • Time savings through simple, fast adaptation to match the changing bridge cross-sections
  • Reduction of workload thanks to fast striking and moving procedure through the hydraulic solution
  • Cost-effective solution due to the rentability of the system components
  • Dimensionally accurate execution
  • PERI complete solution from one source
PERI project - Harpe Bru, Sør-Fron (Oppland), Norway
Mariusz Urbanski
Construction Manager

The chosen solution of using VBC Balanced Cantilevered Carriages proved itself to be correct. Thanks to the high flexibility of the system, we could optimize our project so that the workload necessary to pour each segment was as short as possible. It also had a measurable influence on the assumed schedule.

PERI oplossing

  • 4 Balanced Cantilever Equipment units for 5.55 m long segments
  • Customized formwork for varying bridge cross-sections
  • Integration of hydraulic components for fast striking and moving the equipment
  • Safe access and working areas with PERI UP