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Puente Baluarte, Mexico

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Ligging: Baluarte, Mexico

Construction of 2 lozenged (diamond-shaped) bridge pylons for a cable-stayed bridge. Construction of 9 double piers, braced via solid crossbars.
At the time of construction, the Puente Baluarte is the third highest bridge in the world.

  • height bridge pylons: 169 m and 156 m
  • height double piers: max. 145 m
  • total length of bridge: 1,124 m
  • span of main bay: 520 m
  • width of bridge superstructure: 20 m
  • depth of the canyon to be spanned: ca. 400 m

Construction period until completion: 2008 - 2012


  • fabrication of the two pylons and the foreland double piers
  • complex construction geometry of the two pylons
  • forwards and backwards inclined outer walls


TRADECO Infraestructura, S.A. de C.V.

Voordeel klant

  • optimised material provision through multiple utilisation for the lower and upper pylon section
  • savings concerning crane times
  • fast adjustment to building geometry during every pouring section
  • fast construction progress due to large-size climbing units
  • safe working platforms
  • excellent concrete surfaces
Puente Baluarte - Salvador Sánchez Núñez, Project Manager
Salvador Sánchez Núñez
Project leader

We are extremely satisfied with the PERI systems and the efficient engineering – we were able to considerably accelerate the climbing cycles thanks to ACS. Despite the great height, we were able to work safely on the working platforms. Furthermore, we achieved excellent concrete surfaces, our customer is very satisfied.

PERI oplossing

  • detailed cycle planning for formwork and scaffolding for every pouring section
  • material provision for 2 pylons
  • self-climbing solution adjustable to various concreting heights as well as forwards and backwards inclined outer walls
  • support on the spot at the jobsite by experienced PERI supervisor
  • shoring solution for shuttering of crossbars