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Casa da Música, Portugal

Casa da Música, Porto, Portugal - Built to coincide with “Porto 2001 – European Culture Capital”, the concert hall is pictured here after structural work had been completed.
Casa da Música, Porto, Portugal - The flexible adaptability of the VARIO GT 24 wall formwork system completely fulfilled the special geometrical requirements.
Casa da Música, Porto, Portugal - The MULTIPROP towers could easily be adapted to the slope of the walls. Special couplings provided rigid and precise connections for the VARIO formwork and MULTIPROP shoring.
Casa da Música, Porto, Portugal - The architectural concrete building resembles a crystal whose shape develops from the inside out with the concert hall itself forming the heart of the structure. The concrete shell encloses a stack of room cubes and stretches around these as well as the intermediate spaces like a skin. (Photo: A. Minson, The Concrete Centre)
Casa da Música, Porto, Portugal - The concrete formulation, with characteristics such as colour, texture, reflection, porosity and crack behaviour, was specially created for the structure and tested in advance on sample surfaces. (Photo: A. Minson, The Concrete Centre)
Casa da Música, Porto, Portugal - White concrete was exclusively used for all concrete components in order to prevent mixing with other concretes. (Foto: A. Minson, The Concrete Centre)

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Ligging: Porto, Portugal

Concert hall with a minimalist, monolithic and polygonal shape

Construction period: 2001-2005

Architect: Rem Koolhaas and Ellen van Loon, OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture), Rotterdam


  • high, diversely angled walls of architectural concrete quality
  • use of white concrete for all concrete components
  • architectural concrete surfaces with regular joint impression and tie arrangement
  • high concrete pressure thanks to large wall


Somague/Mesquita/Casa da Música A.C.E.

Voordeel klant

High quality standards and deadlines met

Matus Fernandes, Site Manager, Casa da Música
Matus Fernandes
Site Manager

The technical solution from PERI was easy and safe to implement. This enabled us to achieve the high quality standards and keep on schedule without any problems.

PERI oplossing

  • VARIO GT 24 formwork elements, adapted to the special geometric forms
  • climbing scaffold fixed to pre-defined tie positions
  • transfer of the concreting loads through the MULTIPROP support system