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UTEC University Campus, Peru

UTEC University Campus, Lima, Peru - With the help of the customized PERI formwork and scaffolding solution, a new campus complex is being realized in Lima – with high architectural requirements and a tight construction schedule.
UTEC University Campus, Lima, Peru - The loads resulting from the parapets, beams and slabs are reliably transferred by means of PERI UP Rosett shoring, also over the distance of several storeys.
UTEC University Campus, Lima, Peru - Flexible in three dimensions: the 25 cm modular grid of the PERI UP system allows optimum adaptability to suit the wide range of geometries and loads.
UTEC University Campus, Lima, Peru - The grandstand-style arrangement of the floors, along with the reverse-inclined north facade, required very detailed formwork and scaffolding planning by the PERI engineers.
UTEC University Campus, Lima, Peru - VARIO GT 24 and CB climbing platforms complement the PERI concept and provide a comprehensive project solution.
UTEC University Campus, Lima, Peru - The grandstand-style, almost 50 m high university campus building has the effect of a steep, artificial cliff when viewed from the motorway, and cascades downwards in a series of steps in a southern direction. (Illustration: Gafton Architecs)

Info projecten

Ligging: Lima, Peru

  • Grandstand-style campus building of the UTEC University (Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología) in Barranco, the southern city district of Lima
  • 10 upper floors with lecture halls, event locations, laboratories, administrative facilities and professors´ offices, dining hall as well as a cultural centre with exhibition rooms and library; 2 basement levels with parking decks and utility rooms


  • High architectural demands with a cascading step arrangement, reverse-inclined facades and architectural concrete requirements
  • Extremely tight construction schedule: 15 months for forming 40,000 m³ concrete and 4,500 t steel
  • Limited crane capacity with only 3 cranes


Graña y Montero S.A., Lima

Voordeel klant

  • Enormous work performance and high-quality execution through optimized project-specific system selection
  • Reduced crane utilization and fast forming times due to the lightweight LIWA and DOMINO panel formwork systems which can be normally handled manually
  • Best architectural concrete results with VARIO GT 24
  • Construction of offset-arranged floor slabs featuring different ground plans, slab thicknesses and floor heights with MULTIFLEX
  • Transfer of high loads also over distances of several storeys by means of PERI UP shoring towers - in the process, maximum adaptability to suit the wide range of geometries and loads through the 25 cm modular grid system
  • Cantilevered scaffolding erection areas in the area of the reverse-inclined north facade with the help of standardized, rentable VARIOKIT system components
Humberto Cueva Carrascal, Site Manager, Statement UTEC
Humberto Cueva Carrascal
Site Manager

With the selected PERI systems, we have achieved an enormous work performance as well as the high level of execution demanded by the client.

PERI oplossing

  • Comprehensive, project-specific formworrk and scaffolding solution
  • provision of correspondingly large quantities of materials
  • optimized system selection in each case to match the different requirements