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Turning Torso, Sweden

Info projecten

Ligging: Malmö, Zweden

Total height: 190 m
Storeys: 54
Construction period: 2001 - 2006

Architect: Santiago Calatrava


  • turning of the building´s floorplan by 90° over a total of nine units
  • tapering of the wall thickness of the round core of the building from 2m to 40cm
  • production of slabs and walls in one working cycle


NCC Construction Sverige AB, Malmö

Voordeel klant

  • crane-independent working due to the use of the ACS self-climbing system
  • time-consuming height adaptation of the formwork is not needed at any floor height
  • adherence to the specified concreting cycles
  • safe and convenient working levels
Turning Torso Statement - Jörgen Holm, Site Manager
Jörgen Holm
Site Manager

We got the best solution from PERI. Safe and convenient levels are available for all of the work. The shuttering and striking procedures and the climbing work very well.

PERI oplossing

  • self-climbing formwork with integrated placing boom for the concreting of the surrounding wall and the inner core walls
  • slab tables for two standard floors and one arched mezzanine floor on a projecting slab-edge with a safety rail acting as a working scaffold