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Hotel Capella, Sierra Leone

Hotel Capella, Sentosa Island, Singapore - The new 6-star hotel complex was constructed around two buildings dating from the colonial times. With SKYDECK, the construction of the reinforced concrete slabs could be carried out efficiently and safely.
Hotel Capella, Sentosa Island, Singapore - The systematic assembly sequence of the SKYDECK slab formwork realized fast shuttering times. Due to the low weight of the individual components, easy and effortless forming could take place.
Hotel Capella, Sentosa Island, Singapore - The large prop spacing of 1.50 m x 2.30 m resulted in valuable time-savings and easy lateral transportation of materials.
Hotel Capella, Sentosa Island, Singapore - With SKYDECK system components - edge beam and filler timbers - columns could also be shuttered without any problems.
Hotel Capella, Sentosa Island, Singapore - The luxury Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island has 110 generously-sized guest rooms and almost 60 exclusive resorts.

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Ligging: Sentosa Island, Singapore

6-star hotel with 110 guest rooms and 60 resorts spread across the five-storey main building and several bungalows.

Construction period: 2007-2009

Architect: Sir Norman Foster, London


  • tight deadlines
  • 35-cm thick floor slabs and room heights from 3.50 m to 6.50 m
  • massive beams in the ballroom


Tiong Seng Ltd., Singapore

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Increase in productivity of around 30 % due to the lightweight individual parts, systematic assembly sequence and early striking with the SKYDECK drophead system.

Edwin Lee Wee Ping, Schalungsingenieur
Edwin Lee Wee Ping
Formwork Engineer

The PERI systems has opened up new possibilities for us. I´m sure these will ensure that we achieve our goal of a complete and integrated formwork solution. After all, this is the basis for more safety, quality and productivity on the construction site.

PERI oplossing

Three SKYDECK formwork sets, each comprising 500 m² formwork, for construction of the reinforced concrete slabs, use of the drophead system for early striking.