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Residential Complex at North Station Vienna, Austria

North Station Vienna - The use of efficient formwork systems for the walls and slabs ensured that the very tight completion deadline for the building shell could be met.
North Station Vienna - On the area that was formerly Vienna´s North Station, 91 housing units are currently being developed in two eight-storey residential buildings.
North Station Vienna - The one-sided tie installation procedure of the MAXIMO panel formwork reduced shuttering times as well as ensuring that a neat joint and tie arrangement was achieved.
North Station Vienna - The SKYDECK construction with lightweight main beams and panels provides a systematic assembly sequence and creates space under the formwork.
North Station Vienna - The PERI solution with MULTIFLEX and MULTIPROP for forming the circumferential balconies simultaneously functioned as the work scaffold.

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Ligging: Vienna, Oostenrijk

Two residential buildings each with 8 storeys, with a total of 91 housing units on the area of the former North Station in Vienna

Walls, columns and slabs constructed using in-situ concreting operations


  • Architecturally elaborate balcony facade
  • Architectural concrete requirements for walls and undersides of the balconies
  • Tight schedule of only 10 months for the building shell


Universale Hochbau, Trumau

Voordeel klant

  • Architectural concrete walls with clearly arranged joint and tie pattern
  • Compliance with the tight construction schedule
  • Very manageable on-site material requirements
Jürgen Pischof, Site Manager
Jürgen Pischof
Site Manager

With SKYDECK, we have exactly the right slab formwork system for our construction project – the drophead for early striking as well as the simple and easy handling have really convinced us. And the MAXIMO wall formwork is 25 per cent faster than conventional panel formwork systems; the one-sided anchoring in particular saves a great deal of time.

PERI oplossing

  • Formwork solution for walls, slabs and balcony cantilevers with well thought-out cycle planning
  • MAXIMO panel formwork for architectural concrete walls for a clearly defined joint and tie arrangement and a 25% time advantage for forming the walls (on-site material requirements 800 m²
  • SKYDECK for storey slabs - working without time-consuming use of a crane, with easy handling and early striking with the drophead system for forming the slabs (on-site material requirements 2,200 m²)
  • Cantilevered slab formwork with simultaneous utilization as work scaffold